Partnership with IMF

Partner with an international and experienced team based in India

IMF supports organizations and individuals

IMF manages international patient cases for organizations and individuals. IMF is already partnered with 100+ hospitals and clinics around India.

The multi-lingual patient care team is available 24/7 to assist with complex and elective procedures. At the heart of the IMF service is a hassle-free coordination of medical treatments at international hospitals. We provide accurate treatment plans and cost estimates for patients traveling from outside of the country in the shortest span of time. When needed, the IMF staff can also help arrange travel, and accommodation, visa and medical translation.

As an IMF partner, you gain access to:

• Competitive treatment costs
• Faster patient admission
• Full case management
• Dedicated patient support

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With priority access to 100+ hospitals and clinics, IMF guarantees that your patients will receive world-class treatment. Admission to internationally recognized Centers of Excellence are just an email or a phone call away. Each patient case referred to IMF is evaluated by a medical professional, who creates a personalized treatment plan and treatment cost estimate. The IMF network is optimized to deliver fast responses, competitive treatment costs, and comprehensive patient service.

Become an IMF Partner...

• Expand your international provider network
• Improve treatment outcomes of your patients
• Reduce complexity and generate cost savings

Medical Partnership With IMF

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